ART LOVE AFFAIR A/A offers the following services, either independently or through our sibling agency,

CREATIVE SERVICES UNLIMITED C/U. Together we provide a wide range of options and the ability to offer

total creative support for any special request. Please contact:


Art Buying/Photo Production/Project Management

Our team of art-buyers and photo editors have almost 30 years experience working in the editorial and advertising businesses, offering access to a vast network of deeply knowledgeable sources. We are able to operate nationally and internationally without constraints on location or time. To make the most of your ideas, we provide the full range of production, art acquisition, and photo-editing services. Our services are comprehensive: portfolio viewing, artist presentation, cost negotiation, contracting, timing, coordination, rights clearance, and and and.  We even assist with tasks such scouting for locations or models and prop-styling, dummy-building and really every tiny detail that goes into superb photographic work. No matter the commercial or editorial requirements, with A/A, your projects are in safe hands—freeing you to worry about the really important things!

Creative Research/Visual Concepts/Licensing

ART LOVE AFFAIR offers research services for any need. The extensive experience of the A/A team means that we know exactly where to find the perfect image or film footage, uniquely suited to your project's needs. Whether the task is illustrating a brochure or creating moodboards to define a unique look or atmosphere, we are ready to help.  We'll also take care of any tasks related to purchasing, licensing, personal rights management and license renewal. We even offer a license reminder service, so you’ll never miss an expiring royalty.

Creative Direction/Strategic Conception

We offer creative direction and conception focused on providing objective strategies for your company or client. We are a full-service provider of graphic design, fine art, and animated graphics.  In addition, we offer expertise in visual layout, brainstorming, copywriting, television, and book or magazine publishing.

Art Curating/Photo Editing/Art Dealing

We love to set up and curate relevant and/or contemporary fresh exhibits for cultural, private or commercial purposes. And whether you are seeking to purchase art or just to temporarily rent a special piece of art we're well prepared for every special need.

Creative Consulting/Coaching and PR/Marketing

Want to improve your creative skills or work more successfully in the art and commerce sector? Contact us! We will work out bespoke arrangements to fit your needs. From one-on-one coaching/consulting to class-based lessons, we provide a wide range of options from analysing your portfolio to give you all the clues you need for making business. Whether you are looking to improve yourself or strengthen your team, we can help. We also offer individualized support and consultation to anyone seeking to better establish themselves in either the creative or business sides of the art world.


Projects and Collaboration

ART LOVE AFFAIR A/A is working actively in various fields regarding social, economic and cultural contexts. We are strongly engaged ourselves but we like to work with interested collaborators though. So, if there is any issue we could work on with you, please drop us a line. We are open to every serious request. 


For any additional requests, please contact:

+49 (0)30 820 761 41

+49 (0)151 223 403 02



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