Solveig Viola Styles for Kenzo x New Era

© Solveig Viola @ ART LOVE AFFAIR A/A
© Solveig Viola @ ART LOVE AFFAIR A/A

A really great collaboration can produce some of the most fantastic and unexpected work—and that’s certainly true for A/A artist Solveig Viola. She just finished styling a shoot for French luxury brand Kenzo and its own collaboration with New Era for a series of fashion forward caps.


For its part, Kenzo contributed prints from their Fall/Winter collection, including flying tigers, women warriors, and iconic watchful eyes. New Era drew on its long experience as exclusive producer of caps for some of the largest sports leagues and athletic teams worldwide. The results are just as colorful and attention-grabbing as you might expect from such a creative combination.


To capture all of this imaginative energy, Solveig worked with German photographers Kirchknopf + Grambow to style a shoot for Kenzo. Drawing inspiration from some of the designs in Kenzo’s collection, the photographers looked to ancient texts about the training of samurai warriors. Solveig then translated that inspiration into styling that emphasized bright, vibrant color while radiating determined strength. You can see more images from the shoot on the Kenzo blog.


That’s just one example of Solveig’s recent successful collaborations. She also teamed with another A/A artist, photographer René Fietzek, on a shoot for Berlin knitwear brand Maiami. Pairing Solveig’s imaginative curiosity and visual sensitivity with Renés focused artistry created some truly inviting work to showcase Maiami’s latest collection.


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Stylist Solveig Viola and Photographer René Fietzek in collaboration for Maiami Berlin:

© Solveig Viola and René Fietzek @ ART LOVE AFFAIR A/A



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